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3 months ago

Looking for the conspiracy theorist types in Orange County! : Anticipating a lot of negativity for this one, so created a throwaway, haha. I would normally post this on the conspiracy thread, but looking for OC people's thoughts. I'm talking about the theory of "chemtrails", or messing with the weather by spraying out of planes. For background: Apparently in the 70s there was a bill or law in the US that announced the intention to attempt weather experiments; they likely did not have the technology at that time. The document is out there on the net somewhere; too lazy to look right now. I the only one who has noticed that the pattern of planes spraying long contrails that don't dissipate, but spread out, and then you see this happen throughout the day, was absent for awhile? In past years I saw this throughout the entire year, but this year it seems they have been absent, none throughout the summer and maybe even the spring. But just noticed them again this past week. It amused me that my 2.5 year old son looked up and said something about it. This past Fri he said something like, "look at those clouds! No, the guys in the sky! (his word for planes) They're making those clouds!". Haha, if a two-year old can see it... Anyhow, it was happening yesterday for sure, and today, sure enough, there is that odd haze in the sky and odd color to the filtered sunlight. Look up! Please save the hate, haters. Just starting a discussion, and it's always good to question. Would love to hear if other Southern CA folks have noticed this pattern. Much love! 😘 submitted by /u/OCthrowaway334 [link] [comments] Full Article

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