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2 months ago

A handkerchief is better than nothing : Don't let perfect be the enemy of good. I've seen way too many posts about how handkerchiefs or surgical masks are useless so you shouldn't bother with them at all. This is dangerous and wrong. Handkerchiefs or surgical masks DO HELP. Here's some hard data: It's true that they're not great - a handkerchief only blocks 30% of particulate. However blocking 30% is still a hell of a lot better than not blocking anything. Surgical Masks are surprisingly not-terrible and block 60-80% of particulate (depending on the test). They're also the most comfortable to wear - a halfway descent mask that's comfortable and you actually wear is better than a great mask that's uncomfortable so you don't wear or take off occasionally. Of course you should strive to wear the highest quality mask - N95 is a good tradeoff of comfort, cost, and availability. Of course you should minimize your time outside no matter what. However if you need to go outside and you don't have anything other than a handkerchief, wear that knowing it's not great protection but it's better than nothing. - Full Article

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