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6 months ago

Moved to Columbus several months ago but am having trouble meeting people. What's a good way to do so? : I'm a 29 year old guy who moved to Columbus back in June after working overseas for several years. I've had some difficulties making friends here, and especially so when it comes to women. I've only made one decent guy friend so far and just finding women to hang out with (and especially single ones) seems oddly difficult. The one friend I have has lived here for 10 years and says it's always been this way (with making female friends being even more difficult than guys) but I'm not sure if that's realistic or not. I've tried going to several large Meetup groups, Columbus Young Professionals, and going out to random bars numerous times but people are often flaky or just don't seem very interested in socializing outside of whatever group they're out with. My work overseas was in a very male-dominated environment so maybe that's affecting things but I'm starting to wonder what do women in this city do for fun? I'm looking for friends in general but many of these meetup groups are pretty male-dominated and of course I can't go to the women-only ones. So where are the women? This is as much an academic question as anything else as I've found Columbus to be really weird so far when it comes to socializing, other cities aren't so difficult to make friends in. Full Article

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