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7 months ago

Ten questions about Morocco : Hello everyone, from the 24th of December until the 4th of January I will be visiting Morocco. It won't be the first time to be honest, but the last times were more than 10 years ago, so I'm excited to see how much your country has changed and to show my girlfriend how nice it is: food, culture, people and so on. Still, if you don't mind, I have some random questions to ask you and I thank in advance whoever will answer, if anyone feel more comfortable in French feel free to go ahead, of course one can answer just to one, some or all questions. ​ 1 - what is the best bus company? CTM or Supratours? 2 - how long does it take to go by bus from Casablanca to Marrakesh, Marrakesh to Fes, Fes to Tangiers and Tangiers to Casablanca? 3 - after Fes we would like to go to Chaouen, I guess there are buses but how much would it cost to rent a driver? would it be considerably faster or not? what do you suggest us? 4 - is it still fairly easy to buy kif? is 00 the best quality, isn't it? as a local how much do you pay for it? 5 - I'm quite familiar with Islam, I live in a Muslim country and besides Morocco I travelled extensively in the Levant, now I realized that since Moroccans follow the Maliki madhab we won't be able to enter any mosque. do people really mind? of course we wouldn't enter during salat or jumuah, is it still a big no-no for locals? 6 - will 10 full days of holiday be enough for Marrakech/Fes/Chaouen/Tangiers? do you suggest to drop something from the list and add something else? I remember I liked Salè a lot for example, and Essaouira as well. 7 - what about the weather? Chaouen aside will a jacket/anorak be enough over a sweater/hoodie? 8 - do Moroccan people and press talk about Turkey (that's where I live although I'm not a Turk) or it's a country generally not in the spotlight? 9 - there are quite a lot of Arabs studying and living in Turkey, is it a popular destination as well for the sons and the daughters of Moroccan bourgeoisie? 10 - compared to ten years ago what would you say changed the most in Morocco? for the better and for the worse. Full Article

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