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2 months ago

Old Korean (possibly dubbed anime) Train Mecha : I randomly remembered playing with and watching a cartoon when I was around 3-5 years old living in Korea. I have barely any memories left of living in Korea but I want to figure out what that cartoon was for nostalgia's sake. It was a blue steam-engine train that transformed into a mecha, piloted by a MC protagonist. It had a golden V on the forehead. I believe the mecha also had a smokestack from the steam-engine. Some of these details may be inaccurate because it was such a long time ago. I remember having the toy as a 90s kid and mechas were extremely popular back then. I also remember having the gold mecha from "The Brave of Gold: Goldran" at around the same time but the blue steam-engine mecha is not from this anime. Does anyone know what the name of this anime was? It was extremely popular among young Korean boys around 1997-2002. Full Article

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