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about 2 months ago

MUNI Trains Waiting at Stop Lights : If you had sixty cars backed up at a light averaging 1.3 people per car, while two or three cars zipped through in the other direction, you'd assume there was something wrong with that light, that it wasn't operating in an efficient manner. So why is it that when a MUNI train comes up to a light with 78 people on it, the damn thing has to sit there waiting for the light to turn green while solitary cars putter through in the opposite direction? Simply for the sake of efficiency, trains (especially during rush hour) should be able to flip the lights ahead of them and keep going through, dragging along all the fortunate cars with them, at least until they get to the main thoroughfares, where presumably, the numbers might balance out. In an age where most cities have radar attached to signals to tell when cars sitting at red lights with no oncoming traffic, when too many cars have built up in one direction, etc., this should be technologically simple. So why doesn't this happen? submitted by /u/KingSnazz32 [link] [comments] - Full Article

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