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2 months ago

Air Purifier testing : I bought some air purifiers and a PM 2.5 monitor and decided to do some testing. TL;DR They help significantly. The tests were done last night in the Outer Richmond as measured by the sensor I bought. AQI outside ~185 (matched Purple Air AQI) AQI inside no purifier ~150 AQI inside with purifier and doors/windows closed to other rooms ~60 I'm not here to advertise a particular air purifier or PM sensor but I did learn a few things and thought I would share. Paying attention to the square footage that the purifier covers is important; I have two smaller purifiers covering 3 rooms (rest of the apartment is closed by doors) and they aren't quite sufficient to combat the air pollution though it is obviously way better than outside. For fun i tested my neighbor's apartment where he has a little less space and a bigger purifier and his AQI was ~35 in the furthest area from his purifier. I have since decided to buy a bigger purifier for my living area in the hopes that I can bring those numbers from 60 AQI into the green range (0-50). Thanks for reading hope it helps someone. - Full Article

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