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5 months ago

Federal Employment in Atlanta : I’m a furloughed federal employee in Atlanta. I work for DOI, and as the shutdown stretches on, I am evaluating other options in the Atlanta area. Can anyone recommend working for any of the operational agencies in the Atlanta metro? I know it’s business as usual for most of SNAFC, and many of the prominent departments in Atlanta are unaffected (DHHS, DOD). But, I also know TSA is experiencing even greater hardship... I understand a lapse in appropriations can affect any department, but DOI seems to frequently be on the non-essential list and subject to lapses. My current position is a GS-5 in a customer service role, but my previous career experience was in GIS, and I’ve been found qualified as a GS-7 in a GIS role. I’ve searched USAJobs and I can see all of the current opportunities available there. But, since all of my federal experience is under DOI, I was curious as to what others have experienced in other departments and agencies. While I would prefer to stay at the federal level, I don’t have my entire life in the TSP so leaving federal service would not be too difficult. If not federal, my next preference would to still be a public servant, and I’ve previously worked at the county level. Can anyone recommend any city, county, or state offices? I haven’t done too much job searching in Atlanta, but I know the city is a plethora of opportunity. Can anyone recommend any private sector companies or non-profit organizations? For the interim, I’m staying busy with some gig economy jobs and volunteering. We could resume operations tomorrow, in 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months... so I am trying to make the most of my time. Any insight is appreciated. Full Article

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