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5 months ago

Show Iowa: I created a Geo-Social Network where users can mark the social groups of their region around a map. Thought maybe we can map the social groups of Iowa. Link in the description ! : App Link Below (Only Android for now, I'm waiting on Apple to approve the iOS version, will update here when they do): LINK TO PLAY STORE: Thanks for taking the time to read this. As described I created a map based social networking app for Android so people can mark their city's personality groups in a map and then meet up offline. This is the home page: Works like this, you download the app, share your location and then signup (you can use it w/o signing up but since I just published it that probably won't be very useful around your region).After signing up you create a group or join an existing one. Example of your screen once you join a group after signing up: Once you create/join a group you can checkin by pressing the button with the location symbol on the home page which is also the map view. This will prompt google to fill up the nearby places around you, you can also do a GPS checkin or create a place you don't find on the list. Example of places to checkin: Once you checkin to a place with your group, this will bring you to the map view where you will see the circle with the symbol of your group show up spinning around the place where you just checkedin at. Example of circle on the map: This will also automatically create a place page for the place where you checkedin , you can see that by clicking on the recently created circle. Place Page: This circle on the map marks the territory of your group. If there is more checkins on this place, the circle will inflate, and if days go by without anyone checking in that place, the circle will deflate until it dissapears. If other groups checkin and create group circles around your circle and those touch, the oldest circle deflates upon touching, so it's like a competition for territory in this sense. Groups also compete to have the most checkins on a place and therefore "conquer" them, this can be seen on the place page where the group that is place owner has the majority percentage of frequency. The groups you join/create have a full suite of features like newsfeed (so you can post photos, text & videos), places owned by the group, calendar of events, members. You can check it out by clicking on the group name. If my explanation confuses you a bit I'm sorry. But the app in itself is very simple and the UI is very minimalistic, there aren't many users now b/c I just launched but please check it out for yourself and be my first users!: Why I am doing this ? I have been very inspired by old maps I've seen on map related subreddits like /r/ MapPorn, specially a map called Orbis Terrarum, which is considered the first modern atlas, in homage of this map, I named my app Orbis. ;) From a philosophical perspective. I believe there is a secret map of society that is composed of personality groups that are in and around a city/region, everyone knows where certain groups hang out on their city/region, but this is not very well defined, I hope this tool can help create this understanding and hopefully become some sort of modern compass of the personality tribes of the now. I hope this app can bring the same sense of wanderlust that a person from the 15th century would get from looking at an old map of the world and imagine the undiscovered misteries out there. I try to replicate this feeling and bring it to a more local level in app format. I just published recently, so if you find any bugs please let me know and try to reboot the app (usually rebooting the app works out many bugs). Try to go through the whole experience of creating a group and checking in so you can understand the concept. I have facebook & twitter connect but if you are privacy sensitive, you can login with pseudonim and an email (sort of how reddit has it's signup process) All in all, thanks for reading it this far and let me know what you think. I will be reading the comments and suggestions here. Full Article
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