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6 months ago

Trying to Find Bowl Made in Morocco : Hello Everyone: I'm new to Reddit so I hope I'm posting in the right place. I am writing to ask for help with locating a large bowl made in Morocco. Full-size pics of the bowl can be seen at this link: This was my wife’s favorite home decoration piece for a long time but one of our children accidentally broke it years ago. All attempts to locate the bowl’s manufacturer, supplier, or distributor led to dead ends. I am trying to find this same bowl so I can give it to my wife as a Christmas gift. I was never able to find a replacement so now I am hoping to “crowdsource” a solution. It appears these bowls were made in various colors and then shipped from Morocco to the U.S where they were sold by various home décor retailers such as Pier One, Pottery Barn, etc. This specific bowl was sold at a similar store as well as It would mean a lot to me if I could surprise my wife with this. More importantly, it would mean great deal to my wife if I could replace what was lost. If you know anyone who has this bowl, please let them know I will pay top dollar for an unbroken replacement. I can be reached via email at: []( I would be grateful for any help or information. Thank you and take care. ​
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