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6 months ago

Moving to Jackson - Need advice. : My husband and I are relocating to Jackson fairly immediately. We’re wondering what neighborhoods we should scout out. Some background - He’s from an established Mississippi family that’s mostly concentrated in the Pascagoula area, with some kin also in Poplarville and Hattiesburg. We spent serval years living in New Orleans and traveled around lower half of Mississippi often - we never made it to Jackson. He hasn’t been since he was kid, so he doesn’t remember much except thinking the Capital building was the center of the universe. Anyway. We left New Orleans at the end of 2016 and spent a year traveling, now we are currently living in Los Angeles and it’s been an absolutely horrible experience for both of us to be frank. He has an amazing job, but this city is un-livable by our standards. The endless hours long traffic jams all day and night, never being able to get away from the sound of the freeway, no walkable neighborhoods, the smog, the lack of social grace, the lack of culture, the cost of living, our apartment almost burning down the other day because of the wildfire....I could go on but don’t want to be ugly about it. Suffice it to say is just not our cup of tea and we are moving on. We like walkable neighborhoods with street life, shops, restaurants - things most cities have tried hard to install in their urban cores in recent years. I fully understand it’s the south, so things move slower but has Downtown Jackson seen any good development in recent years? I’ve read some comments about the crime in downtown, and I’m concerned but not outright worried....I figure I made it though Downtown LA and every corner of New Orleans walking around in the middle of the night and never had any I being foolish to think I’ll fair as well in Jackson? I saw a couple buildings online that looked nice, The Standard Life building I think it was? Is this a good neighborhood to live in or does everything shut down after the office workers go home? I’ll always prefer downtown living to suburban living, but if Downtown Jackson still has a ways to come I don’t mind cooling our heels up in Ridgeland/Madison (I’ve heard both are very nice and safe) for a couple years until they get more development going. I have no “problem” with homeless people, and drug addicts, etc around because that’s all part of living in the middle of the city. I’m prepared to deal with all yeah. Sorry if I got sidetracked there. Basically - would you think Downtown Jackson would be a good neighborhood to live in for a couple of guys who like walking around, going out to eat, catching a movie, going to the neighborhood beer pub, and really just living the “laid back” version of city life? Full Article

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