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2 months ago

PSA: Elkhart Civic Plaza and Park are being redesigned! Use this chance to make Elkhart more modern and young! : Imgur Album of 3 plans PPT with more details/pics (Skip to slide 30 for just plans+pics) Survey Link As you guys know, downtown Elkhart is just now starting to show some life with the brewery, new stores downtown, the Lerner, and more public events during the summer. And with the redevelopment projects happening downtown (Aquatic center and new housing), the city is hoping to redesign the plaza/park to attract younger people to live and hang out downtown instead of going/living in Goshen/Mishawaka/SB. The design team and city are asking for feedback for what the residents would want from the resign. Keep it mostly a green space or add areas for restaurants, bars, cafes? Check out the PPT to see more details of the 3 designs the design team came up with. All three have a built in stage, total underground parking, bathrooms, and a larger plaza. Two of those plans include redevelopment area that could be used to have restaurants, bars, tree-shaded beer gardens, farmers market areas. Fill out the short survey (write a few words for which you prefer and the features you like) and use the opportunity to make this city less lame! (I don't work for the city btw. I just really want more people to ask for a tree-shaded beer garden. The area is going to be redesigned anyway so might as well have some say in it.) submitted by /u/eat_eat_eat_eat [link] [comments] - Full Article

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