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7 months ago

AirBnB host threatening to report us to Thai Police : We rented a condo in Chiang Mai for $600 via Airbnb for one month. On the first day we punctured a hole in the bathroom door which is hollow and flimsy. This happened because of the poor design of the bathroom where the door had no stopper and was able to freely swing open into the metal towel rod on the wall. The door completely blocks the toilet upon opening. We did not aggressively open the door in anyway. The hole is the size of a coin. Our Airbnb host requested $129 USD for a brand new door he already purchased (he attached receipt). I told him I would compromise and I sent him $60 which is more than generous as all he needs to do is to add a metal disc over the hole as the spot in the door absolutely needs to be reinforced. Even with a new door I am positive other guests will encounter the same issue and a disc would reinforce the door and cover the hole. He refuses to do this as it “ruins the design of the house” which absurd considering how poorly designed the bathroom is to begin with. This would cost all of $2. He is now threatening to report me to Thai Police and stating it will reach immigration and I will have trouble entering Thailand in the future. Does anyone have advice or feedback on how to proceed? Thank you! Full Article

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