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MGR's Aurora Chronicles Chapter 15 - Goshdarned Bats : February 19, 2106: 10:55:56: With her flag back on GSS Baltimore, Lena transits into Teegarden’s Star to fight the Aenar. Upon entering, passive sensors detect the sensor emissions of an enemy Longsword class ship. Lena orders Enterprise Squadron Alpha to launch and engage the enemy while the Oregon City’s stay close to the carrier and sensor ship to provide PD. 11:20:21: 4 salvos of 7 missiles each are detected. Seeing as how a single Oregon City could destroy over half of the missiles without any assistance, bringing 4 ensures the complete security of the task group. Lena orders a fire control lock, and awaits their approach. 12:00:51: At the same time as the F-2 Tuna’s arriving within range of the Longsword, a large wave of enemy missiles is detected. Viewable here:
, it is likely to be able to overwhelm the PD on 4 Oregon City cruisers, but shouldn’t be capable of inflicting significant damage due to the reinforced shields and armor belts. Lena immediately orders a synchronized launch from half of the Tuna’s, but the pilots are not fully acquainted with the new software interface. This results in a delay of 20 seconds before 20 Silak Mk4C’s are launched. 12:01:21: Despite taking 16 Strength 9 nuclear detonations without any sign of shields, the enemy Longsword class ship survives. Clearly possessing an armor belt of its own, Lena realizes the need to destroy it now before the incoming missiles can impact on her task group. The remaining 5 Tuna’s all launch missiles at the Longsword, which destroys it. The incoming missiles self-destruct mere seconds before impact, and the task group is safe. Lena orders the Tuna’s to return to the Enterprise while the Task Group moves in system to ensure there is no further Aenar presence. March 7, 2106: After a couple weeks of sweeping the large system, Lena declares that there are no further Aenar ships, and that any ground bases can be detected by geological survey ships. She orders the task group to return home, and considers the first test of the ICF designs to be successful. December 6, 2106: The first Global Empire Marine Company is trained on Earth. While a suitable boarding ship has yet to be designed, the Marine Corps is hard at work on training members to board enemy ships. Boarding will allow for capture of civilian designs and better technological analysis. After all, it’s much easier to analyze a working system than one that has been partially melted, shocked, and overpressurized. March 8, 2107: After constructing some tracking stations to provide an early warning of assault, the Procyon colony begins constructing research labs. The existing ones on Epsilon Eridani will be moved to Procyon, which will allow it to conduct research in new fields, such as improving the capabilities of planetary tracking stations. Meanwhile, Epsilon Eridani works on the long neglected field of terraforming research. Terraforming the colony candidates has been holding back work on the Five Sectors Plan, so the research is important. April 15, 2107: Knyts are detected in Wolf 294 in Branch 3. Unfortunately, the survey ships were destroyed before they could escape through the jump point. Because the Knyts do not pose a large scale threat, Lena is content to wait until additional ships are refitted and she can try them out. May 15, 2107: While Nina is working on recovering additional installations of Wolf 46, she uncovers an assembly machine with the schematics for a New Orleans missile magazine contained within. The engineers she turned it over to report that they have figured out how to improve the efficiency of GE magazines by another percentage point, bringing it up to 98%. June 2, 2107: GSS Michigan is refitted to the Nevada Class, making it the first battleship to be brought up to the latest and greatest. August 30, 2107: In the years after the Five Sectors Plan, the Mars colony has been concerned primarily with logistics. Now, it is serving as the primary colonist source for the distant Gilese 785 system. Colony ships are making the long trip down Branch 1 to drop off colonists and start establishing the colony so it can become self sufficient. In September and October, GSS South Carolina and North Dakota are also refitted to the Nevada Class. Now that all existing battleships are refitted, Lena commissions the keel laying of another 3 members of the class to bring it up to 6, just like the carriers. October 28, 2107: An Aenar listening post is discovered on the 21st moon of the 5th planet from Teegarden’s Star. A brigade is dispatched from Earth to capture it, but the hope of recovering anything useful remains slim. December 14, 2107: GSS Nevada leaves the shipyards. The lead ship of her class, she now brings the number of Global Empire Navy capital ships up to 10. The last two members of her class are commissioned just two months later, with GSS Oklahoma and Florida entering service in February 2108. February 23, 2108: Aenar are detected in HIP 113296. The Mikinik Mark 6 survey ships detecting them are destroyed. Tina beings work on the creation of the Mikinik Mark 7, which uses a higher efficiency jump drive to increase the maximum size of the ship. She plans to use the additional tonnage on larger engines to increase speed, and she also wants to incorporate the higher quality gravitational sensors recently developed. March 17, 2108: Enterprise Squadron Beta is completed. The 1st Fleet will break in half and deploy to the Wolf 294 system in one month, after the jump gate is constructed. Tina also directs research efforts into a more efficient Jump Gate construction module to reduce deployment times and improve the speed at which the gate network can be expanded. April 20, 2108: On Earth, an incredulous Lena is having a long distance call with Nina, who has what she describes as a “very critical opportunity.” Nina claims that the Marine Companies carried can be carried by LCA ships and then landed on the Swarm motherships. Lena responds with questioning how the Marines are supposed to capture a 60,000 ton living organism that is also “a freaking spaceship with armor piercing cannons!” Nina insists that capturing a swarm vessel would allow for studying them and potentially repelling them peacefully. Seeing as how the FACs are too fast to accurately conduct a combat drop, the motherships will have to do. Lena proclaims that she is the “Fleet Admiral of the Global Empire Navy, not the Fleet Admiral of the Global Empire Zoology Specimen Collection Team,” and then says that she has to go plan the assault. Nina asks to borrow the LCA’s, and Lena transfers her to the Marine Corps. April 30, 2108: The 1st Fleet leaves orbit and heads for Wolf 294. Lena only brings ships capable of around 10,000 km/s, which means that the 6 Nevada’s, 6 Ranger’s, 4 Oregon City’s, 2 Mahan’s, GSS Crow, and GSS Star Dolphin leave orbit. The 14 Porter Class Destroyers and 4 Baltimore Class Cruisers will remain behind to defend Earth. At the same time, terraformers arrive in orbit of Gilese 229-A II, which is the new colony in Branch 5. ​ Redditor's Note: Due to ongoing issues, new chapters will not be made publicly available at this time. Please inquire at - Full Article

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