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6 months ago

Hob Khadka: The Start Of A Disruption In The Travel Industry Is Just Around The Corner : XCELTRIP, a self funded startup based out of San Jose, California has been quietly working on a Blockchain based travel ecosystem since 2015 and is ready to launch its operations on February 28th, 2018. The brainchild of serial entrepreneur, blockchain venture capitalist & an avid traveler, Hob Khadka, XcelTrip was first previewed at its home base during the November 2017 Blockchain Expo in Santa Clara, California. This unique travel platform is incorporating the traditional modus operandi of the OTAs and simultaneously putting in the latest in Blockchain technology to ultimately arrive in the travel space as a composite, one of a kind Decentralized Travel Ecosystem. In its first phase, XcelTrip will begin operations on a traditional centralized infrastructure similar to a traditional OTA using existing technologies but in tandem with blockchain based features. Customers will be able to search, view and purchase airline tickets & hotel room nights along with many other services both on the XcelTrip web portal and mobile apps. Full Article

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