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6 months ago

Downtown Yonkers Warning to Millennials : Spreading some truth that got deleted on another sub: The downtown area has removed garbage receptacles. The result is even more garbage in the streets. In the few green areas, you'll find dog poop thrown around in bags since there's no place to dispose of it. The Chinese have purchased and funded some of the major new developments in the downtown area. They are nice looking but you'll have to deal with loud music, drug use, garbage, and brownfields. The brownie factory near the current constructions had their factory workers get sick because of the the toxic construction dust from the buildings they knocked down and built over. An MTA worker from the bus service station warned me to not walk around breathing the air. So the term for downtown Yonkers is "polished turd." Also, believe the reviews for the apartment complexes, even if they keep changing management or the name of their management. Think about your health when moving here. Look at the factory south of downtown and all it's pollution. Look at the history of where things are being built. Some were zoned industrial. Some were condemned buildings due to lead. There's a push to make this place appeal to millennials, they'll push you the brewery, a few yoga classes, summer music concerts, but see through that. There's some serious money pushing an agenda that this is like "Brooklyn." Spend sometime in Getty square, know in the summers the waterfront is packed with more than uncivilized people. Look elsewhere if possible. Here's an article which is the tip of the iceberg: Full Article

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