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6 months ago

I'm moving to Minneapolis!! =D YAY! : Hey future fellow neighbors, ​ I apologize in advance if this is a lengthy post but I'm going to try and relay all the info that I have gathered (summarized) in regards to yours (and soon to be my) beloved city/state so I don't waste your time by not conducting any research first. ​ The first question applies to dog owners: ​ I'm coming from California and I have a thirteen year old dachshund ( my concern is he's never really been in snow nor a snowy environment. He's been to Tahoe for a weekend once but it didn't snow while we were there and he didn't pay any mind to it. For the ones who moved from a sunny climate and brought a dog, did they adapt well? Is there any behavioral issues that I should be on the look out for? If you noticed your dogs getting depressed what did you do to combat it? He's 100% potty trained in the sense that I have to take him for a walk to go to the bathroom and he'll hold it if it's raining, so for now I'm going to assume the snow/snow storm is going to have the same effect on him. Pee pads aren't an option because he's way passed it and yes I've even tried to use pee pads even while he was recovering from multiple IVDD surgeries and he'll muscle it and still go outside. Besides he truly loves going on walks for what it's pure K9 purpose...too mark his territory and especially pee on other dogs markings. ​ ​ Now onto the other stuff I need your guys help with what I should know or be prepared for...I'm a single 37/M relocating from the Bay Area for work to a city that I don't know anyone and quite frankly had you asked me three months ago if I could see myself living in Minneapolis, I would of laughed (no offense). Funny how things change but I am so looking forward to the next chapter of my life. ​ It just recently became official that I would be transferring and I have to be moved in by Jan 12'ish (give or take a day). Trust me, so much to do in such little time plus still working and I've been battling a fever =/ As of right now my temporary office will be in downtown I think? (N Washington Ave). ​ Anywhoo one of the main questions everyone asks is "where to live?" The top three responses that I've come across for young professionals happens to be Uptown, Northloop, and Northeast. ​ Northeast: As awesome as NE sounds (breweries , art scene, tons of food, better bang for the buck for living, etc...) I made my decision on one factor, it's on the other side of the bridge. One of if not my biggest concerns other than Bebop (my dog), is getting around during the winter and someone suggested if you can avoid crossing the bridge for work than do it. Keep in mind that the first thing I do is go home to walk Bebop. ​ Northloop: It really hasn't come up much in my apartment search unless they're grouping downtown and Northloop together. Super convenient and close enough to where I can walk Bebop in the middle of the day just in case if I go out after work. Doesn't seem like too much night life but a lot of restaurants and bars. I guess I would be using the skyway for everything? Also yes the only thing that pops up in this neighborhood are "luxury" apartments. ​ Cons are, the parking situation sucks and it's metered on the weekdays. Also the apartments charge a lot for monthly parking (up to $200 wtf?) Reminds me of San Francisco. ​ Uptown: The only downside is the distance so commuting will be an issue during the winter? How is traffic during the winters? Is it easier to take public transportation if I'm willing to walk to the bus stop? I take it that function and fashion don't mix for dress boots and/or dress shoes for MN winters? ​ Take it back..another downside is it's become very "bro-y" but as long as I don't start any trouble I won't have to deal with the "bro-y" guys. ​ Other places that have popped up in my search are Whittier, Loring Park, and St Louis Park. Any insight on these neighborhoods? How come people typically don't mention this neighborhoods? ​ Renting luxury apartment vs condo/house: It seems that people who are native to Minneapolis have a negative view of luxury apartments. Why is that? The only reason why I'm considering one of these apartments is that they're the majority of the results while apartment shopping and the convenience of the location. Are the luxury apartments and all these "amenities" worth it? Keep in mind I come from Ca but is a "heated garage" really worth looking into? ​ Other than the cost any other downsides of living in one of the "luxury" apartments? ​ I would be totally open to renting a house but I can't tell if the listings that I'm coming across are a scam or not. Worst case I could move into an apartment with a reputable company and then find a house for rent once my lease it up and I'm more familiar with the city. ​ I've been looking through craigslist for apartments so if you guys know any other sites that's up to date ( isn't up to date) then I would very much appreciate it. ​ ​ Worth it to bring my car or will it get ruined by the salt/snow? I have a toyota highlander that I just acquired and worst case if it's going to preserve the longevity of the car, I can leave it parked during the winter (assuming I live close enough to take the sky way to work) and use it mainly to venture out in the state during more favorable weather. Does that sounds like a logical idea? For the people who've been in MN for years and always had a car, when did rust and or the damage from salt become a factor? ​ Is there anything else other than changing out the anti freeze in my car that I normally wouldn't think of? ​ Driving in the snow: ​ You guys pretty much painted a perfect picture in regards to what to expect and be prepared for during the winter months. Yes there are shitty drivers everywhere. Here in Ca for some reason people think the rain makes them a better driver so they speed up in the rain without their headlights on and still tail people. ​ Winter kit in car: I will definitely put together a winter kit to have in my car just in case but for my first winter, I don't want to try and drive unless I absolutely have to. ​ ​ Car Reg: If I don't register my car in MN will I get a lot of crap from local PD and or people? ​ ​ Moving my goods: As of now I'm planning on renting one of those transport bins where I load it and the company just picks it up and drops it off. If I end up moving into Northloop/downtown, will there be an area where they can drop it off so I can move my stuff into my apartment? ​ Anyone familiar with moving have another suggestion on how I can move my stuff without charging an arm and a leg? ​ Function vs Fashion: I dress up for work (chinos, slacks, dress shirts, etc...) does this all go out the door if I end up taking public transportation? What should I start shopping for in regards to clothes for the winter? I take it everyone layers but do you guys/gals all wear thermals? Doesn't it get too hot once you get to work, school, etc.. ? ​ If I buy some high quality dress boots, will the boots even last one winter or will I be wasting my money? ​ According to a lot of recommendations I need to look into boots, jeans, winter coat,/parka, gloves, and hats. Wool is our friend during the winter...not cotton =D ​ Gyms: In CA I have a 24 hour membership but there is no such gym in MN =( Any good gyms people can recommend and even better if they have more than one location that I can go visit? ​ I think that covers most of my concerns now and again I apologize for the lengthy post but again please understand I'm making a life changing move and I want to be prepared for most of it as I can. ​ Feel free to ask me anything and once I'm moved in I will gladly break bread and/or have a drink with you. ​ Oh and don't worry guys, I'm not a fan of the Bears, Packers, and Lions...oh my! ​ Full Article

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