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5 months ago

I'm originally from CT and am looking to make new friends. Could anyone point me in the direction of places for mid20s-30s around the SW? : Just turned 27 and have been here at the Southwest for a few years but all I ever do is work and go home. I don't drive so I've really just been cooped up in my apartment all this time. Tbh, being in a city and so far away from everything I knew scares/stresses the fuck out of me... but I want to make an effort to make friends and get to know Houston this year. I'm into 90's rock, metal, alt, and grunge. I'm bi. Love animals (especially reptiles and amphibians), reading, playing volleyball (although I have not played in a few years), dancing, art, and experiencing other cultures (cannot handle spicy food at all though.) I'm not looking for a relationship, just looking to make friends. Other stuff that may help: I am 420 and drinking friendly. I smoke (cigarettes) when I drink (although I can refrain.) I feel most comfortable around alternative type of people but I can make friends with pretty much anyone. I've gotten a little chunky (I'm working on it) since moving here but tend to have a lot of energy and am willing to do active stuff. I do like hip hop, salsa, and dancing sometimes. I don't have kids. I am self-teaching French and German. I've never played trivia at a pub or bar, but am willing/interested to try. I'm working class so I don't have tons of money to burn. I work M-F 8-5, so weekend stuff is best. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions anyone can offer. :] Full Article
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