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3 months ago

Its outrageous how people dismisses someone’s valid emotions of sadness, helplessness, and depression. : Just in other thread a guy was talking about the things wrong in his life. And instead of giving a shoulder to that guy people were outrightly dismissing his emotions. Also were equating their own life to him. “Life is a game, play it” “Everything will be fine” “You are overthinking” “Don’t dissolve in self pity” Well thankyou !! For now making that guy feel like a fool for even feeling sad. You just cured all his life problem with such immense support. “I was in same situation as you 2yrs ago” No you weren’t. No two situations are exactly alike. It could very be possible that his life sucks even more and he did not write it because of how much it sucks. There could be many factors that he does not have access to that you had to get out of the slump. All these platitudes and advices makes depression even worse than before. Imagine getting into an accident and getting your leg amputated. And when you tell your friend about how such life circumstances has made you feel depressed. He comes up with “stop dissolving in self pity” “Everything will be okay bro” “Life is a game, play it” “You are overthinking” “ i know a guy who does not have both legs, atleast you have one” “Look at those who gets killed in accident, atleast you are alive” None of this is gonna help you to feel better, alas it will only make you feel like that either your feelings are just weird, or that no one will ever understand you. Only if someone says. “ it’s incredibly unfortunate such thing happened to you, I am sure only you can truly understand your loss, just know that i wish i could do something for you. But i know in this situation you need your friends, and I am truly here for you” “I researched online about how there are these special prosthetics which lets you go on walks, and even run. We should look into it, because I want us to fight this situation. And I am with you in this fight” “I talked to a counsellor who will help us. I think we should go to him next week.” Not everyone goes through bad times in life. And your bad times may not be as bad as the other person. So dont tell them. How you just stopped thinking about it, and life changed. Full Article

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