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6 months ago

Calling Potential Beaumont Burners -- Burning Man 2019 : If participating at Burning Man has been on your bucket list, why not join the first Beaumont Burners camp in 2019!?! We're forming a little caravan of RVs, campers, tent-dwellers, and perhaps a converted school bus(?) to make the 2,000-mile trek from Beaumont to Black Rock City, Nevada. The full trip is expected to take around 2 weeks -- 3 days there (Aug. 22-24), 8 days for the event (midnight Aug 25 - morning Sep. 2), and 3 days back (Sept. 2-4). For those who pack light and can't afford the time for the road trip, it's likely possible that you could fly in and out and arrange for us to help get your stuff there and back. Ideally, we're looking to have 10-20 people who mostly don't know one another other than through this group, so please don't let the unfamiliarity of any names in the group so far hold you back from joining. In keeping with the Burning Man spirit of radical inclusion, there are no specific requirements for camping with us, only that you're bought in on the 10 Burning Man Principles, as well as the 11th unspoken one (consent). We're open to all ages (so far, ranging around 20-45, let's increase that spread!), including your kids if you want to bring them. Just looking for people who can handle themselves maturely, who work hard and play well with others, and who want to share this experience. Our first planning meeting will be in early January. If you might be interested in going, please read up on the basics at the Burning Man web site (what it's all about, how tickets are sold, etc.), then join our Facebook group to be invited to the meetings, etc.: If you want to get a feel for what Burning Man is actually like, there are a ton of great videos on YouTube that are well worth a watch, including videos on camping tips, etc. Full Article

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