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6 months ago

Rant and Questions about Bike/Vehicle Safety : I am still worked up and shaking as I almost hit a biker this morning while driving to work. I am very good about turning and looking for bikers before making the turn and not dooring bikers and not being a twat of a driver however circles throw me off completely. If the light has a green arrow, my understanding is everyone must stop and the car has right of way. Now granted there was a small bike lane in this circle but the guy was rolling through a different light (that was red but I guess doesn’t apply to bikers?) and I didn’t see him creep up. when going through a smaller circle it is very hard to see bikers coming who are coming from a different light. Are there any specific laws that pertain to cycling in circles and cycling and green arrows and bike lanes. Even if there are, does it really make sense safety wise to give right of way to a biker when there is a green arrow right or left and if there is get rid of the damn arrow and make it a regular light so people know to yield??? There needs to be more done to protect both parties. Circles I feel like are one of the most dangerous places to be a biker and driver. No one knows what lane they need to be in. Bikers are coming from wherever. I feel like it would help if either bikers were required to wait at the same lights in circles as cars at the very least but preferably why don’t we have more bicycle traffic lights like there are on some of the roads near the mall. I am scared and worried for the bikers on these streets. I am also scarred for life after today. Why doesn’t the city do more to keep bikers safe and drivers out of trouble. I also feel like bikers should be held accountable for some things as well. And of course no more than 5 minutes after almost hitting this guy while turning at the green arrow in a circle, I am in another circle and a biker busts out in front of me (while staying in my lane) and turns in front of me. Scared the shit out of me. Was not far from this guy. Something needs to be done. If anyone can tell me who I should be calling and emailing about my thoughts please let me know! Also any info on laws pertaining to the above subjects would be helpful. What are everyone else’s thoughts? Also I doubt the guy will see this but I am so sorry for cutting you off this morning. It was a wake up call to be even more alert esp in circles even when shit is crazy. Full Article

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