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3 months ago

Fashion Assistance? : Ooooook, may be a long shot and sorry for the novel of a story but I need any help I can get. About six years ago I really let myself go in the taking care of myself department. Some pretty traumatic stuff happened in my life and I fell into a pretty deep/dark depression. I became a recluse/quit socializing, stopped caring about my hygiene and all that good stuff, just laid in bed all day every day and I ended up gaining a substantial amount of weight (~100 pounds). It was awful. In the process of all of that I lost literally all of my self confidence/self esteem and just....quit trying. As of about two years ago that all changed. I turned my life around completely, lost all of that weight and got to my goal weight, somehow ended up with a beautiful girlfriend and with all of that a new found sense of self confidence. It’s been an incredible transformation but now i’m stuck with a pretty big dilemma....I quite literally look and dress like a smelly garbage fire and I have no idea what i’m doing or how to fix it. Im not exaggerating when I tell you I haven’t purchased any new clothes for myself in about 10 years. While still being able to dress like you’re 20 sounds fun, it isn’t the best for your current 30 year old “adult” selfs self confidence. It isn’t 2008 anymore. I turn 31 this month and I have a girlfriend now, a super fucking hot amazingly well dressed angel of a girlfriend and I feel absolutely ridiculous and to be honest, super ugly standing next to her when she looks so damn good and I dress like an idiot. Its embarrassing for me. But bless her heart for seeing past all of that. So I obviously need some help. But again, I honestly have no idea what the fuck i’m doing. I don’t know how to dress for my body type, I don’t know how to dress for my age, I don’t know how to pick things that go well together, I don’t know how to pick things out to try on, I don’t know how to shop at all. I’ve been wearing the same two pairs of pants, switching out the same five black, grey or white plain t-shirt’s and the same brand/type of skate shoes for five years. Probably a huge stretch but are there any kind of services around town that offer assistance with this kind of thing? Where are the guys from Queer Eye when you really need them?! Anyone in the know about this stuff and can help me out? My only potential “hiccups” in this are: I am not the most wealthy dude and quite honestly can’t afford to be spending $40 for a shirt like i’ve been seeing in a lot of stores, so tight budget/cheap/thrift shopping is pretty ideal. With that said, the option of signing up for those monthly fashion subscriptions that send you a box of clothes in the mail isn’t an option. I have social anxiety so if your suggestion is to just start asking sales associates for help, that’s not gonna work, haha. My girlfriend lives in Boston so asking her for assistance isn’t an option. Although she does offer a lot of suggestions. Id prefer having someone in person assisting me. While watching youtube videos, pinning ideas on pinterest and watching episodes of Queer Eye are helpful, it’s one thing to see things on screen and a whole other to see it in person. Any ideas? submitted by /u/cursewordbyrd [link] [comments] Full Article

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