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6 months ago

City of St Pete just halted a phenomenal Green/Eco-Friendly recycling program :( : As the title says, the City of St Pete recently started preventing residents from recycling/reusing materials from the St Petersburg Brush Site locations. This may not sound like a big deal, but these sites are where all the 'yard waste' and trees that get cut down (across the city) end up. They are a great resource to collect, reuse and recycle the types of natural resources you would normally find in a forest. Think of it as an urban city's version of a forest that you can harvest from. Anyways, I wanted to draw attention to the fact that St Pete just halted residents access to collect from these sites a few weeks ago. I believe someone (almost) hurt themselves on the site, and for liability reasons they halted all resident reuse/recycling from the locations. This seems like an absurd over reaction to me, and one that impacts all residents and the environment negatively. ​ Who cares/Why bother? Free access to nice Oak Firewood (fire places, cooking/smokers, woodworking.) Free access to flower, plant and tree seeds (gardening.) Free access to live plants (cuttings, etc.) Reuse/recycle local organic materials (from otherwise being destroyed and subsequently removed from our local ecosystem.) If you are interested in helping restore local resident's access to this once great green/environmentally friendly resource for natural materials, you can simply contact the Mayor's office! They have a hotline and/or an email address: Contact Mayors Office Mayor's Action Center ​ In addition, I'm adding the text of the letter that I sent to them here (in case anyone would like a shortcut to just copy&paste an email to the Mayor.) ​ ---------------------------------------- I am writing to express sincere concern and disapproval to the recent change regarding resident access to recycle and reuse the local natural resources available at the Saint Petersburg Brush Site locations. Sec. 27-505. - Use of brush disposal sites. (g) Materials deposited in the site become the property of the City. Scavenging of materials of any kind is prohibited without the express written consent of the POD. Being able to access locally sourced, naturally produced resources from the Saint Petersburg Brush Site program had been a proactive, green/environmentally friendly way for residents to repurpose and recycle a portion of the massive amounts of organic 'waste' collected from otherwise being destroyed and subsequently removed from our local ecosystem. In the absence of any remaining harvestable forests (that are not city/state/county park land) in the immediate area, the recent City mandated changes to prevent local resident's access to collect and recover these locally sourced natural resources effectively removes the only remaining access to 'harvestable' resources in the area. Residents had previously been allowed to: · Collect Firewood and Bamboo (for fireplaces, cooking/smokers, garden landscaping materials.) · Collect seeds from trees and plants (preserve local biodiversity.) · Collect live plants (many of which are recoverable from cuttings and/or replanting, promoting free and accessible replanting opportunities.) Saint Petersburg often promotes itself as a green and environmentally friendly city, but this change is a significant step in the opposite direction. I understand there was a concern for safety that prompted this recent change. We should all strive for more functional safety, but punishing all of us residents (and the local environment) in response to an act of carelessness is exceedingly unfair. I am hopeful that the Mayor and the City of Saint Petersburg can find a more reasonable and measured approach allow residents access to this phenomenal resource once again. ​ Full Article

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