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4 months ago

Hit and Run on Folsom Street : I'm not sure if this is the correct sub-reddit to post this on, but it occurred in SF, so hopefully that's relevant enough to not have this post removed. My grandma was the victim of a hit and run on Thurs, 11/29/18 on Folsom st/4th st at approximately 1:00pm. As she was crossing the street, a car hit her hard enough that she flew onto the hood of the car. She sustained a broken hip, broken arm, dislocated shoulder and many other bruises and cuts from the accident and is now in the emergency room preparing for surgery. She's 85 years old and I'm worried that she'll never heal properly from this accident. It's just so sickening that someone can hit an elderly so violently and just run off without checking to see if that person is even alive (thankfully she is). If anyone was in the neighborhood and witnessed the event, please DM me whatever info you may have. My family and I are currently working with the police on the investigation already, but any information that I can attain would certainly be very helpful in bringing this person to justice. Full Article

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