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about 1 month ago

The Metro Petro gas station @ 27th & University Ave SE : This is a bit of a shitpost, a bit not. I've been developing a bit of a theory about this gas station. I went to the U and used to occasionally go to the gas station if I really needed something. It's never been much of a looker nor was the service particularly good, but it did the job. Well, fast forward a few years and I happen to work nearby, so I go to it occasionally for various reasons. I noticed that they have mysteriously been able to completely remodel their property and add all kinds of fancy things to their property like the "Super Vegas" car wash, a very nicely landscaped property, completely brand new pumps, storage tanks, and stenciled concrete. The interior has had all kinds of things added too. What's my point to all of this? I am beginning to wonder if it is a money laundering front. I'll give a few reasons below: The store has nothing but negative reviews about its service and treatment of customers/employees. The store, being the only one in the neighborhood, closes at 8:00 PM which is very early for a gas station. Their remodel included an expensive and super modern car washing system. Considering that I've only ever seen one person going through it in the 1+ years I've worked nearby after its renovation, it seems like a spendy investment. Their building is completely covered in an architectural fascia which couldn't have been cheap and likely unnecessary to make the gas station more modern. There are flat screen TV's everywhere in the store. All of the food equipment is commercial grade and new looking even though all they do is make hot dogs, chicken and tacos. They have a massive beer cave of 3.2 beer. At most grocery stores/gas stations will have 1 cooler. There's some other things that can be said, but it seems a bit fishy to me that they can either fund or secure a loan for a multi million dollar rehab on a business with very sub par reviews, abnormally short business hours, etc.? That would definitely be looked at as a negative on any business loan application. ​ Anyways, just having some fun with the idea of a money laundering operation next door. Who knows? Maybe I'm wrong and they just have oodles of business I don't ever see. What do you guys think? - Full Article

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