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7 months ago

Medical help - Breathing / Lung / Respiratory help? Feeling really scared : I’ve been fighting an upper respiratory infection for several weeks. I have been twice to Urgent Care, after progress backslid. They took chest X-rays the second time, nothing abnormal or pneumonia. I just finished medications but then caught a headcold. I’m trying to remain calm but breathing has become increasingly difficult to the point where I’m scared for my life. Everything is compounding into itself, the mucus sliding down my throat is making me cough which restricts my breathing causing me to choke and gasp for air, I choke and gag, spitting and drooling everywhere. I’m worried one more bad coughing fit and I will pass out or I don’t know what. I don’t have health insurance, Im afraid urgent care has done what they’ve can, but I’m scared to go to the hospital and have a $5000 bill or worse. Does anyone have a doctor they can recommend for lung / breathing issues? What do I do?? Full Article

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