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3 months ago

Bulgogi Burgers - Processed Patties In Korea : Hey Everyone, Hope you guys all had a good rest. I know I did! Thinking about the juicy wholesome pure ground beef, non-processed burger I plan on having today for lunch. I mean you gotta have something to look forward to right? Oh wait...I just realized I am NOT going to be eating that juicy wholesome pure goodness ground beef burger I was dreaming about all night. As usual, I'll be left with the following choices: Eat a wonderful bulgogi burger from any one of the major burger chains; Eat a wonderful NON bulgogi burger which is in fact bulgogi flavored patties just without the bulgogi sauce (most commonly available type in my opinion); Ditch work and travel to find a decent burger place; or Keep dreaming until the weekend. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy eating the bulgogi burgers every now and then, which seem to be the landmark burger here in Korea. But as a person who grew up on burgers made from the grass grazing cows available almost everywhere, burgers have become my staple comfort food. I know a lot of you may say that McDonalds, Burger King or even Lotteria (I totally disagree with the people who say Lotteria by the way) have their decent line of burgers which are not bulgogi burgers (like a Quarter Pounder, Whopper or AZ burger), but I don't know, maybe it's just me missing home, but I feel that if I could have easy access (easy access meaning readily available in most areas, and even deliverable) to a decent burger chain (that is not BK, McD or Lotteria) which doesn't base their burgers on processed bulgogi based patties, I would feel much more at home. It's still early days for me here in Korea, but I have been fortunate enough to come across a few semi-chain burger places that are near me which I felt were decent like: BAS Burger; Burger Hunter (arguable); Shake Shack (just kidding, this place is WAY too far for me to readily access). Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive yet again. Korea is definitely a heaven for amazing cuisine, and why am I expecting to find an easily accessible burger joint within Korea which has the same standards as nations with burgers as their main source of grub? You know what? I think i'll just eat a nice bowl of soondaeguk for lunch today. I can almost feel that hot steaming bowl of delectable amazingness running down my gullet right now. Korean winter is starting to pick up again, so stay warm and healthy guys! Full Article

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