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6 months ago

Matters to consider to set up a night market store in Bangkok? : Hey all. I am a non-resident alien, and my gf is Thai and living in BKK. I recently learnt that the daily rental of a night market store at Ratchada Rotfai night market is around 250 baht, excluding expenses. The minimum period of rental is a month. Considering the high footfall, I thought it may be a viable idea to probably set up a shop there, try it out for a month. For a non-resident alien like me on a tourist visa, what considerations to I need to note? Will me / gf need to register a business, pay taxes, and submit our books? Can I help out at the store? Should I hire someone to run the store part-time, will I need to draw up a contract and be mindful of labour laws? Thanks alot. Full Article

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