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5 months ago

I visited Des Moines this summer and met a very strange man at Tacopocalypse. Does anybody know who I'm talking about? : It was June 1st. I was traveling through the country and stopped for the day in Des Moines. I had heard good things about Tacopocalypse (RIP) so I decided to make it my stop for dinner after walking like 10 miles through the city and seeing all the sights. I stepped in, drank a 40-ounce soda, ordered my food, and once I got it I was too full of soda to eat my food, so I decided to wait it out until I regained my appetite. I started texting some friends in a group chat because I was traveling alone. This guy from an adjacent table (or maybe he walked up to me?) got my attention, sat down next to me and berated me for using my phone, saying typical old-person stuff about how they were brain-drain devices. He was probably about fifty years old, heavier build, wearing a grey beret, with thin wire glasses and scruffy stubble. I thought he was just going to go for some small talk, but he actually sat there and rambled at me for about an hour about his whole world philosophy. He told me about how corporate buildings are square, but libraries and public offices are circular, and then he traced his heart and said "see?" He had intimate knowledge of the area and told me about the gentrification that East Village had gone through. He seemed generally pretty knowledgeable, but he jumped from one topic to another with very little cohesion. He had found out I make music at some point during the conversation, and as he was leaving he said, "When I die and we're all connected, I'm going to say 'I've heard [AFivePointedSquare's] music before'. And they'll say, 'You're crazy'. And I'll say 'Yep! But I still heard it.'" and then he got up and wandered out the door without another word. I guess I'm just wondering if anybody else knows this guy? Another person in the restaurant recognized him and waved in the middle of our conversation, so he must have some people he knows in the area. I'd like to know if this guy is a local legend or just some random dude I stumbled upon. Thanks! Full Article

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