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2 months ago

Random thoughts and I love Indians. : I'm from the US and this is very random but I just met some Indian people this afternoon and they were super friendly and just awesome. Probably the friendliest people I've met in the past few weeks. I know you guys get a lot of shit and maybe sometimes you are too hard on yourself but honestly you all are great people and have so much to be proud of. Every country has good and bad but at least India is improving. The US is improving in some ways but I think we are getting worse in others. I think the US is like a spoiled rich kid that is used to getting its way all of the time. I think it will only benefit my country and the world if we are overtaken by another country economically. I do NOT want China running the world. i think that will be INCREDIBLY bad for everyone. They are so cruel and authoritarian and cannot be trusted. My hope is that India slowly improves and over time becomes a superpower and ultimately I would love for India to be the most powerful country in the world. You all are kind, intelligent, funny and maybe most important of all you are a democracy. I truly believe your country has an incredibly bright future and I think all of the democracies in the world will become closer and closer friends and I do think the American people will come to fall in love with the Indian people more and more throughout this century. Cheers! Full Article

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