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5 months ago

Shoutout Sunday! Spread some love in an otherwise confusing and often dark world. : Here it is Charlotte! It's super simple. Take a frown, and turn it upside down! Nothin' but love here. The idea is quite simple... If you have something NICE and/or POSITIVE to say about a local person place or thing (sure, lets include big box stores, and franchises) that gave you a smile or just plain made life a little less stressful at some point in the last week, show some love! Take a break from the tirade thread, and feel good while doing it! Maybe your good vibes will cause a ripple effect, and send a smile to someone else, or give them the motivation to get up, get out, and enjoy this beautiful thing called life, and do so in our city! This is a win/win situation. Why not take advantage of it? It doesn't have to be about a money saving deal you saw. It doesn't have to be related to financial savings at all, really. In fact, the idea is to stay away from that sort of thing and focus more on the human interaction, and someone else just making you wanna say thank you. Obviously, lets stay away from personal info and full names to keep a little bit of ano-nom-ah-nimity or whatever, LOL! Full Article
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