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5 months ago

Cheap-but-good apartments in Huntsville HUBZones? : I'm an unemployed single engineer that's planning on moving to Huntsville in early January of 2019 (the exact date is flexible), and I see in the applications for jobs with some companies that they ask if you live in a HUBZone and that may give preference. My plan is to live in an apartment for a year or two while I get to know the area (and find a job) and then probably buy a house, so I'm kicking around the idea of picking an apartment in a HUBZone to help with getting hired, since the location is temporary anyway. HUBZones are areas where the federal government wants to encourage economic development, and so they give preferences to companies that operate and employ people in them. Here's a map of the HUBZones in Huntsville:,-86.605931&zoom=13 I'm still debating how much I really want to spend. I'm considering going ultra-cheap with a studio for ~$500/mo, but I'll consider spending up to around $800/mo if I really get more of what I care about for the money. One thing to factor-in is the cost of utilities, since I've read people on some Huntsville forums talking about very high energy bills in older complexes that have no insulation. So, just from a cost standpoint, sometimes a place that costs more per month can ultimately be cheaper overall. The must-haves in my mind are good management and no bedbugs, cockroaches, rodents, meth-addicted neighbors, cars broken into, etc. Nice-to-haves would be good soundproofing and friendly neighbors. One thing I'd contemplate paying more for would be walking distance to nightlife, but from what I've read, while Huntsville has a nice downtown for that, there are only a few downtown apartment complexes, and they are very expensive. Besides, since I'm new to the area, I'll want to explore all of it, not just hang out at bars within walking distance. In terms of proximity, the three places I can think of that I'd prefer to be close to are Costco, a discount supermarket like WinCo for fresh produce (apparently ALDI fills that role in Huntsville), and Redstone Arsenal (the most likely place for work). Someone on another forum recommended Executive Lodge Apartments -- it looks like a candidate, particularly if I want to go ultra-cheap. But I was noticing the below-window HVAC unit, and wondering what the energy bills are like. If it somehow factors into the choice, I'll mention that I'm in my 40's but still want to have kids, so I'm looking to meet women younger than me that want to have (more) kids, probably in their 30's (I'd consider younger, but there aren't as many that go for guys my age). Where I'm currently living I joined a local Facebook singles group and have made some great friends to go out at night to have fun with while also meeting other women at the places we go to, so I'm hoping to find another group like that in Huntsville. Full Article

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