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6 months ago

Besides Chipotle, where can I get a good burrito bowl? : i love mexican food, and i eat moderately “healthy” (i know that word means different things to different people so i put it in quotes) so if i go out to eat i usually get a burrito bowl. i happened to stop into this place called Chronic Tacos by my house because i’ve been meaning to try it and i’m still mad about the $13 i spent. they literally give you two pinches of meat, and i ordered double which was another $3. then i saw grilled peppers and asked for some, they said it was $1 extra, so i say okay and get like 3 slivers of peppers. my bowl looked like it was enough to feed someone in kindergarten. they asked if i wanted rice and i said no, i’m guessing rice is what makes up 95% of their bowls. i wouldn’t have minded paying the price if it wasn’t a snack sized serving. i’ll stop complaining now, but that’s what lead to my question. my suggestions: chipotle is probably the best in terms of quality and and quantity. i’m 6’3” 250lb so quantity is a important. double meat and i’m usually good. there’s a place on roughly 7th ave and deer valley called habanero fresh (formerly jesters), and its very similar to chipotle, but closer to real mexican food. it’s really good, and worth checking out. i like the red beef. green chili pork/chicken is probably their best seller. great homemade hot sauces too. valle luna is a sit down restaurant but they now offer a really good bowl. i get skirt steak or shredded beef. has anyone been to cafe rio? i’m sure they have one. i went there a long time ago and didn’t think it was worth it. but maybe i’ll try it again. anywhere you guys recommend? i’m in north phoenix but if you have any suggestions you might as well share. Full Article

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