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4 months ago

What is up with this 'ghosting' trend in South Korea? : So, I'm travelling to SK in a few days (solo female) for a short visit and I thought I'd just meet a few people before going so we could hang out and all. I mean I don't want the visit to be only about touring, I'd also like to meet locals and hang out with them. I got Tinder and swiped into SK and surprisingly matched with quite a number of guys (I specifically said 'no hookups') and only 2% of the guys I matched messaged me but the conversation didn't carry on for too long. I'm guessing they're really living up to their 'ghosting' reputation. It's really confusing because every 5 minutes, I get a notification that someone swiped right on me so I have quite a number of likes but when I swipe right on some of them, it ends there. I even matched with a few girls (just looking to hang out with chilled people) and that also didn't go anywhere. Is this a trend or something? I don't really get it, tbh. Sometimes, I send a 'Hey' or 'Hi' and it's just on sent till the end of lifetime. There are number of Korean dating apps out there but I'm not really looking to date rather to hangout with locals during my stay. Those dating apps are something else, they ask really in-depth questions like wow (noondate, I think) plus I feel like they're target mainly for Koreans only. Is there an easier way to find people to hang out with? Full Article

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