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6 months ago

LFG gaming bar review. : First info, then my review. LFG gaming bar opened today. It's a bar and restaurant located across from old peninsula next to The Stamped Robin. The premise is that this is a video game themed bar. There are probably 10 arcade cabinets and an Xbox 360, PS2, GameCube, two N64s, and a super Nintendo. They also have a small stock of simple board games like connect 4. Cost: pretty standard food and drink prices, their Long island was $7. They have bar food and themed drinks. To play arcade cabinets, they take tokens. However, you get 8 free tokens with any food or drink. The food and drinks were pretty good for the price, though my friend was a little sad when they got (only) two pork belly tacos for her $12. Review: I was initially extremely excited for this barcade. I've been to barcades many times before in other cities, my favorite one being downtown Columbus. However, in other barcades I've been to, their selection is much better. Let me elaborate. At LFG, there are 12ish arcade cabinets, but they don't have the GOOD arcade cabinets. Let me try to list them. Tekken 5 (multiplayer only first round), Mrs pack man, a racing game, some old hunting game, galaga, and a multi set. In the other barcades I've been to, the arcade games are free "as long as your drinking". They usually have 50+ cabinets with all the best games, Tetris, that adventuring one where you go through the levels, star wars, turtles through time, etc. Well, that selection shouldn't matter that much because they have consoles, right? Well, let me tell you. Each console only has one game each, with no ability to switch games. So we have smash 64, smash GameCube, super Mario world, Mario kart 64, Forza 2, and call of duty, and that's it. So, that sounds like an okay list, but the input lag from the older consoles is so laggy that most games (smash 64, Mario kart) are almost impossible to play. Also, all of the TV's did not have a way to adjust the volume (except the super Mario world one). Conclusion I really want to like this place. But after about an hour here, I ended up just wanting to be home to play games that were fun. Which feels super weird, because the other barcades never made me feel that way. I have high hopes for this place to increase number of games, and fix input lag, but until then I sadly probably won't be returning. I think the biggest quickest thing they could do is find a way to make multiple games available for consoles, and focus on getting the top rated multiplayer games. They should have Mario party, Halo, fusion frenzy, turtles through time, etc. The other barcades I've seen had a pile of games just sitting by the consoles and somehow didn't ever have issues with theft. Not sure how they did that though. Anyway, hope this is helpful to anyone reading! Full Article

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