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27 days ago

Things to do this week in San Diego Nov 12th-19th 2018 : The SD Reader's "Picks of the week" Also: "The SD Readers list of "Fun Things to Do" As well as, the "Best of List" Then there's the Thrill List of FREE THINGS TO DO Another "cheap or free" from the local news station For those that are thinking of going down to Tijuana Mexico A list of 69 things to do in Tijuana Thank You, u/Matingas for this link <_ Brother Moderator of r/Tijuana :) u/Spasnof Reminds us: Captain randy boat tours This is a very chill, low key open topped boat tour with some history behind it if you're willing to talk to Randy. Captain Randy is extremely personable and had some drinks, snacks and sunscreen for us. As a plus he is a redditor so support our own! Of course, there's the regular weekly stuff: Every Sunday at 2pm-3pm, free organ concert at Spreckles Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park. Every Sunday Farmers Market at the Hillcrest DMV Free yoga classes All around San Diego (Coastal) : Sunset Cliffs, Solana Beach Every Friday and there is FREE YOGA at the farmers market in Imperial Beach. Starts at 2:30 plus an amazing sunset every time u/YmcaAdultSports suggests: If you are interested in joining an Adult Sports League, come check out what the Dan McKinney Family YMCA has to offer (La Jolla) Race Legal - Legal car racing for motorheads IF there's something that you think is important or needs to have tickets purchased in advance... please post in the comments. IF there's a link that's needed, please try to not make it part of some text but the full URL string So I can just copy and paste it. (It'll make things easier) I'll try to retain these in the following week until the date of the event. Please don't post events that are several months in advance. Try to limit it to 30 days or so - unless there's a real need for advance notice well in advance for ticket purchases. u/thedaymayne suggests: I host a flag football game every Saturday at 11a at Jefferson Elementary (turf field). There's a solid core of 6-8 people and were always looking for new people to join. We could use a few people - let me know if you are interested! submitted by /u/SD_TMI [link] [comments] - Full Article

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