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3 months ago

Orthopedic Surgery + NHIS Benefits Question : Over a year ago, I hurt my foot / toe playing soccer and it seems likely I’ll need orthopedic surgery in order to improve stability in that area. Supposedly, this type of injury is common for athletes that play on artificial turf and also martial arts players. My Korean language skills are not great, therefore seeking out help from fellow redditors, so I’d like to know if anyone has had sports related orthopedic foot / toe surgery in Korea. If you have any doctor or hospitals to recommend, I’d really appreciate it. I’m interested in private clinics (개인병원, 의원) or tertiary hospitals (대학병원) and anything in-between, but maybe sports related specialists would be best, in my case. I have NHIS Korean health insurance and from what I’ve been reading, it seems that accidental injuries (e.g. recreational sports) would not receive any compensation. Is this interpretation correct? Will all subsequent tier 1 or tier 2 level doctor / hospital visits need to be paid completely out of my pocket (e.g. consultation, x-rays, surgery)? Also, it is my understanding that certain medical procedure costs are regulated by the Korean government. Would sports related orthopedic foot / toe surgery fall within the scope of a cost regulated procedure and any idea where I might go about finding expected costs (i.e. government generated list of costs)? I know those are a lot of big questions, but hopefully someone has already successfully traversed the system in a similar situation, and would be willing to share the details. Thanks in advance to any thoughts or advice! Full Article

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