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6 months ago

Never going back to Morocco aka Sh*thole country! : NOT MY POST original post So, some of you may recall I made a thread posting about my trip to Morroco & asked about tips since it would be my 1st time there. So, I went for a week, came back yesterday and let me tell you, it will be my LAST TIME fact, I will never go to a Muslim country again. Now, before, I went to Marrakech, I did research and well aware it's a Muslim country, that's still relatively conservative, however I also knew compared to other Muslim countries, it's more liberal. So, I made sure to bring modest clothing to the trip and absorbed tips from LSA & other travel site. Something like this with a jacket to cover my arms & not as low cut Long story short, we were cursed at, disrespected and I got groped. No BS. Too many incidents to name but for one, my ass got grabbed and I cursed the asshole out. I didn't dress modest that night, wore a dress to my knees with a leather jacket. But I came back from a more upscale area where the clubs are, which is mostly visited by tourists/upscale Morrocans. I also took a Taxi to and from the Riad so I didn't have to walk the street in my outfit. Literally groped minutes after taxi dropped us off right at entrance of our Riad... One kid followed my friend asking for food, she said no thanks and got cursed out. Then the kid and his other friends went back to other side and threw pebbles at us. Waived a taxi and some random dude pops up to say the driver doesn't know English & asked where we are going. We told him we don't need his help but he was being insistent, so I ignored him. He then asked, "You don't trust me?" I said, "No." He immediately called us "fucking stupid women" and stuck up the middle finger at us. We both laughed it off because the audacity of this browned teeth motherfucker trying to hustle us, yet failed miserably. In a quick amount of time, we learned that most people don't help for nothing, they expect money...and they are aggressive AF. I found the best thing was to avoid eye contact and ignore them. Also, many of them are entitled to your money, as if you should give it to them. I never experienced this in my life and I have been to other developing countries. We met a group of Black girls in the square, all attractive, dressed nice, and they too, told us how they were sexually harassed constantly. They said they were even followed. Even while we were all talking, Moroccan men were throwing lewd comments at us and literally looking at us as pieces of meat. And one kid who was trying to sell desserts called 1 girl in the group "Motherfucker" after she said no thanks to buying his desserts. [​IMG] Also, everywhere me and my friend walked, men were gawking at us, at the least. At the most, we were met with ignorant or lewd comments such as "Hey Africa" "Hey Jamaica" "Obama!" "Nice ass" "You're beautiful, I like your body" "I know you want my dick, call me tonight" It didn't even matter if we wore a long jacket and long dress, they didn't give AF. There was a time period we went to the gardens and went to the near by boutiques. We met a group of seemingly modern, young Moroccans who worked at a botique & they said Marrakech men like thicker women, especially with a big ass and said we are beautiful too hence the harassment. (They were friendly & the nicest people we met though) (The other nice people we met were tourists) BS! I feel they were undermining the seriousness of the constant sexual harassment & disrespect and summed it up as oh it's boys being boys. When it goes beyond that! Not only that but there are flies prevalent in Marrakech...I went to a bakery near our riad and there was flies like feasting on the baked goods displayed out. It was fucking gross! In Essouria, it was much more quiet and laid back...and even around the Galleria & Menara mall, it was a nicer vibe but we never completely escaped being objectified. So, I did attend nicer/high end arears and it's the same shit. Mind you, there was Black vendors who are clearly Western/Central African and they never disrespected us! This is suppose to be a more liberal Muslim country but they are still backward AF. Yes, they have some pretty areas but there are a LOT of countries that offer a LOT more w/o dealing with constant disrespect. This is my experience, may be different for you but wanted to share my experience. FYI: Most of the men are not cute, they are small AND short with fucked up brown teeth. And IF you still wanna go to Morocco, I wouldn't recommend Riad Fabiola Et Spa: *** HOTEL RIAD FABIOLA ET SPA, MARRAKESH *** The staff member "Rashida" is funny money & it's not that close to the attractions. It's also not in a upscale area. Full Article

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